Intellectual Property

innovationlex involves in acquisition, maintenance, transfer and enforcement of IPRs that include but are not limited to Trademarks, Patents, Utility models, Industrial design, and Copyright.

In terms of Acquisition of rights, innovationlex is involved in different services comprising Advice on strong Mark, Patent search, Patent drafting, and Patent prosecution. It is involved in Search for prior art, a filing of application at the national, regional and international levels and a follow-up of applications.

Concerning a maintenance of rights, innovationlex ensures that the renewal of registration where applicable is secured beforehand.

innovataionlex involves in complex operations of local and trans-border transfer of Intellectual Property Rights whether in terms of Licensing or complete Assignment of Rights. It ensures that Royalties are paid in due course and that the Agreed upon Lumpsum is discharged appropriately and timely.

As to the enforcement of rights, innovationlex involves actively in Border protection of Trademarks and Copyright, and a Removal of counterfeits and pirated goods from the market.

It puts forwards the rights of IP right owners taking into account the legitimate interests of third parties.