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  • Celebrating the World IP day at innovationlex

    While the 2019 World IP day coincided with the court decision in favour of “KANTA” TM our Managing Partner actively involved in, the 2023 World IP day coincides with a litigation of “Discovery White” TM we equally involve in on the side of the claimant. While the theme for the 2023 IP day is “Women…

  • Intellectual Property Colloquium in Geneva

    Cyridion Nsengumuremyi was the Rwandan participant in the 18th IP Colloquium held in Geneva in November 2022 https://www.wipo.int/academy/en/news/2022/news_0047.html https://www.wto.org/english/news_e/news22_e/igo_18nov22_e.htm

  • A border protection of Trademark in Rwanda. Challenges and the way forward.

    In his peer reviewed article “A border protection of Trademark in Rwanda: Challenges and the way forward.” published in the Rwanda Law Journal, issue No 2 of November 2021, Cyridion Nsengumuremyi assesses how Rwanda complies with its international obligations under the Agreement on Trade related Aspects of Intellectual Property (TRIPS Agreement). Rwanda is party to…

  • Uburenganzira bw’abatuma igihangano cy’ubuvanganzo kimennyekana

    Usibye gutanga uburenganzira kuri nyir’igihangano, amategeko yerekeye umutungo bwite mu by’ubwenge anatanga uburengazira ku batuma igihangano kimenyekana. Uburenganzira buhabwa abatuma igihangano kimenyekana bushingira ku bwa nyir’igihangano. Mu rurimi rw’icyongereza bwitwa “Related rights” cyangwa se “Neighouring rights”.

  • Uburenganzira ku gihangano cy’ubuvanganzo

    Uburenganzira bwa nyir’igihangano cy’ubuvanganzo buzwi mu rurimi rw’icyongereza nka “Copyright”, copyright ikaba yagereranywa na “droits d’auteurs” mu gifaransa. Gusa iyo usesenguye neza, usanga droits d’auteurs atari kimwe neza neza na copyright ahanini kubera uburyo cyangwa se systemes z’amategeko zitandukaye droit d’auteur na copyright bikomokamo. Copyright iha nyir’igihangano cy’ubuvanganzo uburenganzira buri mu byiciro 2. Itanga uburenganzira…

  • Igihangano cyo mu cyiciro cy’ubumenyi n’ikoranabuhanga

    Igihangano cyo mu cyiciro cy’ubumenyi n’ikoranabuhanga gishobora kuba ikoranabuhanga ritanga igisubizo ku kibazo gihari, gishobora kuba ikimenyetso cyifashishwa mu kurengera ikintu cyakorewe mu ruganda kugirango kitiganwa, gishobora kuba uburyo ikintu cyakorewe mu ruganda kigaragarira ukireba, n’ibindi. Uburenganzira buhabwa abafite ibihangano byo mu cyiciro cy’ubumenyi n’ikoranabuhanga muri rusange buzwi nk’uburenganzira mu by’inganda cyangwa se “Industrial property”…

  • Removal from the market of local infringing goods

    A court in Kigali decides in favour of an IP right holder in a registered Trademark on locally manufactured goods and against infringement by means of use of similar signs on goods also produced locally. It grants, among others, a sought remedy of disposal of infringing goods out of the channels of commerce. This is…

  • innovative legal services

    innovationlex puts forward Specialization for Better Service Delivery

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